Do’s & Don’ts Of Window Treatments

Window treatments are an important part of Delaware home decoration and if gotten right will of more value than commonly held. Here are some of the do’s and don’ts that will guide you before you make that purchase or change you are anticipating to.

Decorative aspects

When you decide to use window treatments consider what decorative aspects you can use to ensure that you pull off the look you are after. Trims are worthy considerations to use on window treatments. You can find a variety of trims or even more elaborate ones like tassels that match your furniture or finishing.

Don’t be so selective

Be functional when you go choosing on the fabric you want to use, Maryann does a great job with her Wilmington Delaware window treatments that she has available. Go for what works best for the room you are working on. For instance, in high traffic rooms, you can use easy to clean fabrics. If the rooms are more of privacy havens, you would want to use heavier fabric like wool. Consider the lining on the curtain too. Make sure you have lining with the right qualities such as insulation and transparency.

Don’t neglect accessories like hardware

Accessories work well with window treatments. You can incorporate rods and finials to the treatment to enhance the look and theme. It is always good to ensure that the hardware you use complement the fabric you want to use for the treatment. Large rods and finials will work well with heavy fabrics and vice versa. The hardware material, texture and color should match that of the rest of the room.

Do carefully choose patterns and colors

One of the main things you see in the space of a room is the window treatments. Human beings respond to exits and will more often than not get attracted to where there is an opening. It is therefore important that you carefully consider the patterns and colors you use carefully so they do not clash to the outside and what is there in the room. Always pair prints with solid colors and never prints with prints as they will always clash.

Do consider your housemates

You might want to consider who it is that you live with. This means that different draperies can work well with different people or even pets. When you have small children, avoid using floor length curtains as it may pose a danger to them when they decide to pull or climb on them.

Do measure correctly

Always have the right measurements before you go out to buy window treatments. Wrong or guessed measurements may add costs to a simple exercise let alone pilling more work for you, there is nothing as unsightly as having things out of proportions to each other.

When buying linen fabric for drapery, always make sure that it is either preshrunk or has an allowance for shrinking.

Do not make rooms dark

Do not make rooms very dark. Ensure that the rooms are well lit. Dark rooms are gloomy and depressing. It is healthy both to have enough lighting and studies suggest that lighting has a lot to do with learning and problem solving abilities.

Do use easy to clean treatments

It is important to use treatments that will do with minimal cleaning procedures. A good treatment will have no value if it is dirty.

Do consider energy efficiency

When going for window treatments, you should consider how energy efficient they will be to your room or house. Be sure to have something that will work well both during the winter and summer. Consider a balance between lighting and heat. Look for what is cheaper for you to pay between cooling and lighting for instance, and know whether you will let in light and keep the house cool or you will pay for the cooling to let in natural light.

Do consider permanence

Consider how long the window treatment you are going for will last or how long you want it to be around. Do not make a heavy investment on a window treatment if you are stating in a rented place as you will either have to leave the treatment there or go with it.

It is always good to ask for expert advice so that you can have all round experience when using window treatments.

Freeze Dried Chicken

Freeze dried chicken is not just to fill your pantry shelf, use it to save time and add variety to your recipe repertoire. Here are several practical reasons why having freeze dried chicken and using it can benefit your family.

Time Saver in More Ways than One

Are you always scrambling in the early evening hours? Many families don’t have time between work, activities, practices, etc., to cook up fresh chicken for their dinner. Freeze dried chicken allows you the flexibility to make those family recipes without having to clean and cook fresh chicken. Just pop it in a bowl and reconstitute with water, and voila – chicken ready to add to any recipe. It is also already pre-chopped, so no need to spend time tediously slicing and chopping. You just decreased your cooking time by 15 minutes.

Using freeze dried chicken also allows you to save time in preparation and clean up because you don’t have to spend loads of time afterwards sanitizing your work surface. The only clean up required is the mixing bowl that you use to reconstitute the chicken. If you hate working with raw chicken, freeze dried chicken is for you!

Tastes Great Anywhere and Anytime

Freeze dried chicken is real chicken. It is cooked and seasoned to perfection before it is dried. So it tastes just like fresh cooked chicken. It does not need to be refrigerated before it is reconstituted, so feel free to whip up a meal at home or on the go. This is great for picnics, outings, camping and parties away from home because you don’t need to keep your chicken cold while traveling to your destination. Just add water, and you have chicken where ever you want, whenever you want.

Adds Variety

Freeze dried chicken can be substituted for other meats in almost any recipe. Try it in spaghetti instead of ground beef or use it to replace tuna in a salad. You’ll be amazed at how many variations of the recipes can be done, all while saving time and tasting great!

Looking for more ideas? Instead of fresh chicken, use freeze dried in linguini alfredo with vegetables. You could also use it to make homemade chicken noodle soup. Put it in any number of salads: Caesar, cobb, taco, oriental. Use it for casseroles, crock pot meals, and all sorts of Mexican dishes. The opportunities are endless… make the switch to freeze dried chicken today.

Buying A Used Car

People intending to buy a car in Nashville, especially first timers, will most of times tend be in a hurry to purchase that car whether new or used. Being in a hurry is the biggest mistake one can make when buying used cars. When one rushes into buying a used car, the regrets that follow are just too overwhelming. Unless one makes the right choices, even though in the hurried state, it’s common to hear people complain of the things they wished they had observed when buying the car.

Nevertheless the things that people should observe when buying a used car are very simple. But most buyers simply tend to be ignorant. Some of the mistakes made by buyers also include the ones discussed below.

Not doing a market research before going to the market is a big mistake. Buyers will go ahead and buy a car at the price they fell is okay forgetting that their okay price may be over the market value, which means they end up overpaying for the car. Used car buyers, shopping online may without doing good research of the market end up purchasing a car, at a high price that could be totally different from what they had desired to purchase.

Not doing a good research on the vehicle they are intending to purchase, is another common mistake, one may be buying a used car because they like the model or saw it on an advert but couldn’t afford a new one. Only because a car is used it does not mean one shouldn’t research about the car. It’s common to hear people complain of missing vehicle components once they have bought the vehicle. The buyer should know all there is to know about the vehicle before getting into the deal. One should also know about the reliability of the car before purchasing the same. Reliability also amounts to the life span of the vehicle. One should be keen and know the car has been in use for how long; this will determine how long you will also be using it if you do not have plans of using it forever until it’s no longer of any use.

It’s regularly observed that buyers do not check the vehicle inspection report. This mistake can cost one a lot of money since the vehicle inspection report details all that is needed to be known in terms of the vehicles mechanical capacity. Without using the vehicle inspection as a point of reference a buyer risks buying a faulty car that probably will cost the hundreds of dollars if not thousands in repairs.

Not checking the Fuel consumption is another mistake that people make when they try to find Nashville Tennessee used cars. They make the mistake of purchasing cars on the basis of how the car makes them feel. Proud ownership is okay but ignoring the facts is unacceptable one need to be fully conscious of the fuel consumption. This helps in the easier management of the car.

A faulty engine could be a problem that needs to be avoided at all costs. Since if you purchase a car with a faulty engine, one in most cases will be required to change it; the cost of changing may almost be equivalent to buying another new car.

It’s a common mistake to see people get into the car buying business without having a proper financial source. One could buy a used car from a dealership on terms agreed and perhaps on loan but without a proper background on the dealership and their financial practices. One can easily enter into bad debt because of this obvious mistake of not doing a background check of their financial sources.


People need to simply understand that buying a car is a process and should be taken step by step rather than pushing through a deal without being prepared. Avoid bad debt by ensuring that your financial sources are secure and stable. Undertake a full background check on all aspects of a vehicle in regards to what you want to buy. Ideally you’re not going to be forced into a deal and there is no need to rush into a deal without being fully prepared it will cost you nothing to prepare for the purchase.