The slot machines are undoubtedly the favorite casino game of the people. This is because they are visually striking and, in addition, very easy to handle. To play in them, strategies are not lacking, because it is a machine whose results depend entirely on chance. Since its creation more or less 130 years ago the changes have been few, but considerable. Well, it went from being a heavy device of large dimensions that could only be played in the gambling halls and casinos, to be available online and play them from home and even with smart mobile devices.

Likewise, to this day the symbols and figures are super-varied since the themes range from the simplest to the most modern based on cartoons, fictional characters, films, and many more designed to cover the tastes and needs of users. However, a model that has never gone out of style despite the different options that are today is the classic fruit slot machine. They modified the paradigms of classic games of chance because, in the beginning, the prizes were not cash, but the player won chewing gums of fruit flavors that were shown on the machine.

History of the fruit slot machine

The story about the creation of the first slot machine is quite widespread and is very popular among true connoisseurs. However, the purpose of this article is to briefly inform people who are just starting out in the game, or who are simply curious about it. In this sense, it is that in the year 1881, in Brooklyn, New York, Pitt and Sittman, they developed a device that would later become the grandfather of the modern slot machine.

Said machine was composed of five drums that had 50 card profiles based on poker. Likewise, the operation of the machine was very simple, since the players only had to insert a coin and pull a lever located to one side that activated the battery and turned it, with the affected by luck, a winning result was expected with a good poker hand.

Why use fruits?

These early machines that were inspired by poker were the basis for other ideas to arise. In this regard, as some awards were given in the first were candies, such as chewing gums with fruit flavors, began to implement the use of symbols representative of these flavors. In this way, the players knew with certainty the possible prizes they could win.

That is where the now universal melon and cherry symbols emerged. In fact, the figure of BAR, which is now common in many slot machines, was originally one of the first logos of the Bell-Fruit Gum Company.

How is the fruit slot machine?

In general, the design remains quite attached to the original, which consists of five rails and three lines, which allows any person fond of games to become familiar and understand it quickly. In this way, it is considered to be a fun, simple, colorful and timeless game. On the other hand, being an HTML5-type slot, it is available on mobile devices and any operating system thus offers everyone the possibility to enjoy fast turns while walking or moving. Also, there are the versions of the free game, in which you can stay in the machine all the time you want without worrying about losing a penny.


The current fruit slot machine has an interface that is easy and quick to get used to. This is because everything that composes it, such as graphics, animations, and sounds, despite being quite simple and classic, do not stop being flashy and offer a dynamic game, full of colors and extremely entertaining.

In this sense, the images of fruits look great and on the screen of the mobile, they reproduce correctly, so the players are limited only to computers and laptops but they can also access the game where and when they want. In this way, you can press the spin button located on the lower right side as many times as you wish, because you have the absolute certainty that each click is not related to the previous ones.

In the same order of ideas, the section of the sounds is an additional element to improve the complete experience of the game. However, for those who prefer the game to develop calmly and quietly, you have the option to deactivate the sounds; it is located at the top of the initial screen, towards the corner on the right.

How to play in fruit slot machines for free?

The first thing to do is to select the number of coins you want to bet, which can be from (0.05 – 0.50) the number of pay lines from (1 – 20) must also be chosen. In the same way, as in money betting machines, will be multiplied the amount selected to play according to the number of pay lines determined for the bets of each round. In this regard, it is important to mention that the highest value is 10.00.

When the bet is determined, you can press the spin button, watch and wait for the final result, which will be random. Also, the value obtained will depend on the different symbols of the fruits, which are eight. The typical cherries correspond to the highest of the gains, as long as the sequences are in series of 3, 4 or 5 when the rails are stopped. The value that follows is that of pears, watermelon, and peaches.

The charm and attraction of this slot machine is precisely its simplicity so that players looking for or expect some type of content characteristic of the most modern machines, such as bond lines or broadcast symbols, this machine is not for them. However, this does not make it less valuable than the others and that is why it remains the favorite of many.

When playing for free, in a slot machine as simple as the fruit machine, the player is guaranteed a good period of fun and can also take advantage of using it as a way of practicing to better understand the operation of the same, and then venture to play in one where you can bet real money.